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Well - not knowing when Molly may come with the visa, and needing a break, we've spent today at the hotel. We went swimming this morning and for the firswt time in China I have a sun burn. Ruth is getting more comfortable in the water but still not ok with going under. It is a bit of a bummer for her because it is all about 1-2 meters deep so she can't do anything unless we are holding her. The Highland pool is really going to be good for her.

We're still waiting for that visa. Hopefully it is coming soon.

I think David put new pictures up today. We have taken some movies too but we can't post those because they are too big.

I joined the 21st century last night (China time) and we skyped with Wendy and the boys. It was a total blast (and free!). Eric said to Ruth "Hi Ruth - you don't know me right now but I'm your big brother Eric and you're going to know me real soon." Both boys were emphatic that we bring her home soon! If anyone wants to skype tonight, tomorrow morning or tomorrow day, email both David and I to set up a time and one of us will get back to you. In Minnesota time - that means we're available Wednesday morning, Wednesday evening or Wednesday overnight to Thursday morning. We'll be checking out the hotel probably 5 AM Thursday morning Minnesota time.

Our brains are becoming spaghetti trying to figure out the difference in the time zones between now and Friday. We do leave Guanzhou at 9:00ish PM on Thursday night and arrive at 7 PM in LAX, also Thursday night. Then wait for the red eye to MSP.

The clothes are dried and we're polishing off the food. Getting ready for the flight home. It has been quite a trip and we appreciate everyone's support so much!

Love to all,


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