in class sprint

attached is a copy of my in class sprint.

12-9-09 visual research

The following is a website which shows different creative designs for books and book covers. These are good for inspiration for the last project. take a look.

the following website goes through a quick process of book binding with steps to follow. 

visual research 12-2-09

The following website has a good step program to developing and good logo. could be very helpful to go off of.

The following website shows how a certain logo can be applied to materials and what guidelines may go along with a logo.

revised final style guide

attached is my final revised style guide.

days 2-6 journal

I have attached my logos made from my walks/disc golf photos. these do not have text with them. I think I will save those for the end now. Take a look.

rough style book library

I have attached a rough copy of my style book. Any suggestions will be appreciated, take a book library.pdf

visual research 11-25-09

This first link shows 7 steps a designer should think about when considering what kind of binding for a project should be used.

This next link is from youtube and just shows the different styles of binding. enjoy!

Day 1, two week journal

I have done my first walk and took my first photo. See what you think of the logo I came up with.

2 week book project

For my two week project I will be documenting walks I take every day and then taking a picture of what I see or what I see as the most important part of the walk. I will then take this picture and work it into a rough logo without text. I will do this every day and have a description of what I did, why I did it and what inspired me.

revised mark again

This is a revised mark that has a few tweaks. take a look.

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