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Library key words I pondered

I was looking through some websites when I thought it would be a good idea to put some of my owns words I think are important to the idea of a library and what it means. Words including free, reading material, visual material, verbal material, friendship, influential, children, adults, story time, classes, borrowing, devotion, education, tools, students, online databases, entertainment, community center-like, keep kids out of trouble, updated versions, up to date with society, public, librarian helpers, isolated focus, group work rooms, less distractions,variety by roaming, broadens mind, multiple computers, meet people, win-win for everyone, growing minds, comfortable seating, easy location of books, organization.

library research

I have found a couple of websites that were of great help finding what exactly the core benefits and values are of the library in general. This first website is more college and student oriented. It talks about the benefit of computers and online databases for students to use, as well as the goal to keep libraries up to date with society with newest versions of books, videos, magazines, etc available on hand. Big help, check it out.
This next link has an overall general benefits and values of a library. This is oriented to all users of the library and talks about the benefits on children with storytime, classes that can be taken by adults at the library, how helpful the librarians are and the fact that most libraries are completely FREE. take a look.

design brief Urban Garden

This is a design brief for the Urban Garden. It includes core meanings, a description, competition, and a tag line.urban garden design brief copy.pdf

mood baord

This is a mood board for the Urban Garden. some images I think help represent urban gardening life well, as well as some type faces and good words to use.Urban Garden Mood Board copy.pdf

mood board/ design brief research

I found good steps to making a good mood board. some good tips and preparation too. check it out.http://www.behance.net/Tips/How-to-make-a-mood-board/373

I also found a good site that listed how to write an effective design brief. this was very helpful to me in writing my design brief for this project.

rough almost done xbox 360 graph

I am almost there with this concept. I am still unsure of the background. I want something that is visually pleasing but goes along with gaming or the Xbox 360. 

interesting bookshelf design/ household items

This book shelf has a very interesting almost collapsed look to it. Very interesting and easy book management. kind of appealing to the eye. I would buy this if it wasn't extremely expensive.

This next link is in a section all of its own. lots of unique designs for everyday things like watches, umbrellas, etc.

visual research 10-14-09

I found some very interesting ideas and subjects being mapped at the following website. I think alot of these are clever and unique ways to map. Alot of information in some of them. but interesting subject matter none the less.

This next website I found, and it doesn't have anything to do with this current project but is very different from alot of designs I have seen. It shows food being made into architecture. there are a couple different designs.

rough project 2 diagram and graph

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I have been doing alot of thinking about what and how I want to illustrate this project. I have come up with the attached two ways. I feel like they are pretty solid and work well with what I am trying to visually present. Both of these will be measuring how I use my xbox 360 in a week between movies, games, and music. The first is a sort of bar graph but using an xbox 360 console and round xbox 360 logo-like balls, which will have text on them as well. The second attachment is a diagram of the xbox 360 logo itself only it will be made up of text, and a hierarchy will come into play with bigger and smaller text.

Visual research 10-6

I found this first link while surfing google images and I found this website attached to the image I was looking at. It depicts Art that hasn't really been seen before. A lot of crossing lines it seems and new art. take a look and see for yourself.

This next link I stumbled upon and it really surprised me. It is an architecture page full of all kinds of new architecture that is out there. Well...I found an interesting lamp. And what powers the lamp is even more interesting....

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