rough project 2 diagram and graph

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I have been doing alot of thinking about what and how I want to illustrate this project. I have come up with the attached two ways. I feel like they are pretty solid and work well with what I am trying to visually present. Both of these will be measuring how I use my xbox 360 in a week between movies, games, and music. The first is a sort of bar graph but using an xbox 360 console and round xbox 360 logo-like balls, which will have text on them as well. The second attachment is a diagram of the xbox 360 logo itself only it will be made up of text, and a hierarchy will come into play with bigger and smaller text.

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This is really awesome because of it's simplicity. You could push this by using the xbox 360 symbols for movies, games, and music. I actually don't know it xbox has symbols for those but I was imagining something like the iTunes symbols. I think that would really tie it all together and you could use the same color scheme to push that even further.

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