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revised final style guide

attached is my final revised style guide.

days 2-6 journal

I have attached my logos made from my walks/disc golf photos. these do not have text with them. I think I will save those for the end now. Take a look.

rough style book library

I have attached a rough copy of my style book. Any suggestions will be appreciated, take a book library.pdf

visual research 11-25-09

This first link shows 7 steps a designer should think about when considering what kind of binding for a project should be used.

This next link is from youtube and just shows the different styles of binding. enjoy!

Day 1, two week journal

I have done my first walk and took my first photo. See what you think of the logo I came up with.

2 week book project

For my two week project I will be documenting walks I take every day and then taking a picture of what I see or what I see as the most important part of the walk. I will then take this picture and work it into a rough logo without text. I will do this every day and have a description of what I did, why I did it and what inspired me.

revised mark again

This is a revised mark that has a few tweaks. take a look.

Visual research 11-18-09

This first link of a site I found which explains how Logos are put into cement and can be walked on. It uses a single logo to describe this process. very interesting.

This next link shows different aspects of producing a great logo. these bullet points are really helpful and should be used to look over a logo and give yourself a rating under each bullet point to see where your own logo is at.

Revised mark

I have slightly revised the mark I have chosen for the library. Shortened text from the side of the box, and Trajan Font. I think it works.Mark revision library copy.pdf

Type Styling Library

I have created a type styling sheet that is pretty straight forward. This is what I think works the best for the library and the colors and type options I chose.Type Stying Library copy.pdf

type possibilities library

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These are some options to incorporate the word library into the logo. let me know what you think.Type Possibilities library copy.pdf

style sheet library

Here are some examples of different sizes, color amounts, and overall rough symbol design with color for the library.Stylesheet library copy.pdf

visual research 11-11-09

This first link talks about pitfalls of type associated with logos. sometimes type doesn't fit the brand it represents or even the logo for that matter.

This next link talks about tips to good logos and recognizing good logos.

final color ideas

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I have chosen my final color ideas. these include light blue or a blue shade for my primary or dominant color, and brown or gray with shades for my secondary choicesfinal color choises library logo copy.pdf

more symbol/logo ideas

I made another logo for the library that I think works better than my last three I posted. I think it still has work but I feel better about it. tell me what you think.rough library logo 1 copy.pdf

rough symbols/logo and worked out symbols/logo

I threw together some symbols I liked for the library concept. These are included on the first attachment. these are rough brainstormed ideas. I am not fully happy with my selection but I worked with what I came up with.

This next attachment is of the worked out symbols I took from the selection I had above. I chose Three I thought worked best and went with them. I am not fully happy with these either. I don't feel like I am hitting the nail on the head yet. take a look.

Color options for library

I have attached a selection of colors and shade of colors that work best for a library concept I think. I indicated dominant colors and accented color choices.

I have also worked up some symbol options that I think may help aid the final logo. I got alot of these by googling them. The words I chose have definitely been chosen for a reason. They were the words that stood out the most to me in the list I came up with. I have tried to find a couple examples for each word.

visual research 11-4-09

This first link is a logo I found looking for ideas on how to represent the idea of a library. I found a sketch-like logo that someone has already done along with the explanation to explain the logo.

This next link explains a productive way in choosing a color for your logo. This is based on alot of different ideas and concepts of course, but this website breaks it down and defines what each color relates. check it out.

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