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12-9-09 visual research

The following is a website which shows different creative designs for books and book covers. These are good for inspiration for the last project. take a look.

the following website goes through a quick process of book binding with steps to follow. 

visual research 12-2-09

The following website has a good step program to developing and good logo. could be very helpful to go off of.

The following website shows how a certain logo can be applied to materials and what guidelines may go along with a logo.

visual research 11-25-09

This first link shows 7 steps a designer should think about when considering what kind of binding for a project should be used.

This next link is from youtube and just shows the different styles of binding. enjoy!

Visual research 11-18-09

This first link of a site I found which explains how Logos are put into cement and can be walked on. It uses a single logo to describe this process. very interesting.

This next link shows different aspects of producing a great logo. these bullet points are really helpful and should be used to look over a logo and give yourself a rating under each bullet point to see where your own logo is at.

visual research 11-11-09

This first link talks about pitfalls of type associated with logos. sometimes type doesn't fit the brand it represents or even the logo for that matter.

This next link talks about tips to good logos and recognizing good logos.

visual research 11-4-09

This first link is a logo I found looking for ideas on how to represent the idea of a library. I found a sketch-like logo that someone has already done along with the explanation to explain the logo.

This next link explains a productive way in choosing a color for your logo. This is based on alot of different ideas and concepts of course, but this website breaks it down and defines what each color relates. check it out.

Library key words I pondered

I was looking through some websites when I thought it would be a good idea to put some of my owns words I think are important to the idea of a library and what it means. Words including free, reading material, visual material, verbal material, friendship, influential, children, adults, story time, classes, borrowing, devotion, education, tools, students, online databases, entertainment, community center-like, keep kids out of trouble, updated versions, up to date with society, public, librarian helpers, isolated focus, group work rooms, less distractions,variety by roaming, broadens mind, multiple computers, meet people, win-win for everyone, growing minds, comfortable seating, easy location of books, organization.

library research

I have found a couple of websites that were of great help finding what exactly the core benefits and values are of the library in general. This first website is more college and student oriented. It talks about the benefit of computers and online databases for students to use, as well as the goal to keep libraries up to date with society with newest versions of books, videos, magazines, etc available on hand. Big help, check it out.
This next link has an overall general benefits and values of a library. This is oriented to all users of the library and talks about the benefits on children with storytime, classes that can be taken by adults at the library, how helpful the librarians are and the fact that most libraries are completely FREE. take a look.

mood board/ design brief research

I found good steps to making a good mood board. some good tips and preparation too. check it out.

I also found a good site that listed how to write an effective design brief. this was very helpful to me in writing my design brief for this project.

interesting bookshelf design/ household items

This book shelf has a very interesting almost collapsed look to it. Very interesting and easy book management. kind of appealing to the eye. I would buy this if it wasn't extremely expensive.

This next link is in a section all of its own. lots of unique designs for everyday things like watches, umbrellas, etc.

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