May 19, 2008

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

It is a phase we hear often, but how often do we sit and contemplate that message. How often are we forgiving and how often are we empathetic towards others when they sin? Are we critical of them or do we attempt to listen to their problems, and understand where they are at in their journey in life?

We all sin in some way, shape, or form. Is it fair to throw stones at people for being sinners when in reality we are no better than they are? People would obviously say yes. But I think we all do it. We are critical of what others do. I am the first to admit that I have a difficult time with this notion. This notion that we are all sinners and idea of, "judge not, lest ye be judged."

I think the thing that I have come to realize over the months, despite how much I think conservative Christians are not all that Christ-like, it is not my place to say whether or not they are authentic Christians. I have also come to realize that they are not any less Christian than liberal Christians are. The same goes in the opposite direction. We may not be as religious as conservatives but that does not make us any less Christian. Roman Catholics are no more or less Christian than Protestants. All Christian communities are made through Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ. No Christian community is more or less than this. We are all apart of the Body of Christ. Is it that when Paul was rebuking Christians with different messages, did he evey say, "You are not Christian because your message is wrong." By no means. He would rebuke but he would never say, you are not Christian.

I think it is time that Christians learned this.

May 1, 2008

Directed Studies?

There are definitely a few directed studies that I am thinking of doing for myself.

Religious Studies

- Readings in Neo-Orthodox
- Sociology of Religious Communities
- Homosexuality and Religion
- Issues in Reading the Bible Today
- A Close Reading of Romans (It would have to be in English, however. I don't know Biblical Greek)
- The Catholic Epistles
- Paul and Judaism
- Adamic Christology in Pauline Theology
- The Image of Jesus (Senior Project. Both Academic and Sociological)
- A Close Reading of Amos (In Hebrew)


- Existentialism
- Bonhoeffer's Ethics

It would definitely be fun to get in some directed Study action before I leave school. Who knows? I might have to be at school five years instead of four. I am really interested in pursuing the Ethics of Bonhoeffer though, I think that would be an amazing. I would also love to do a close reading of Amos since it is in Hebrew. I think even a Directed Study on the Qur'an would be amazing.

April 22, 2008

Still No Ideas

I still have no clue what I want to do with this blog whatsoever. Actually, I thought of something to write about. I have to do a prompt for Ethics and Education. Here is the prompt: dig back in your early childhood experience and find a story about your transitional object, or a story about an imaginary friend that you had, or both.

My object is not really an object but my cat, Klaus. I guess he is also an 'imaginary" friend to all of our family because we give him a persona and we talk to him and such. He represents a transitional object for a few reasons but I think the largest reason of all is because I was twelve and a lot changed for me as a person. My parent's split up not too long before we got Klaus. My parent's splitting up is something I don't think I have ever gotten over. I am still emotional and apart of me will always be upset because of it. Klaus really kept our family together during that time. Kittens are menaces. He would poop everywhere and we'd constantly have to bathe him. He would hide under our radiators and paw at us when we would walk by him an he would crawl up into the sofa. He was a tiny bit of chaos that made us forget the huge chaos around us. It was almost like having a baby.

To me he represents a transitional object because he held our family together during a sort of rough patch. When my mom, brother, sister and I could have become distant from each other, we remained close because Klaus was a little bundle of joy in our lives.