Europe's Suicides 'By Economic Crisis' Increases

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An alarming increase in suicides in European countries hit by debt has researchers wondering if there is a connection between higher suicide rates and economic crisis.

"So I won't leave my debts for my children," the crowd reportedly heard a 77-year-old Greek man say before he shot himself publicly in front of a parliament building in Greece, according to Newser.

Another European man from Italy hanged himself in a warehouse, as reported by New York Times.

These suicides have grown more common in Europe and many suspect it is the backlash of dire economic crises.

The number of suicides in Italy, for instance, rose to 187 in 2010, a 52 percent increase from the 123 suicides in 2005, including the deaths of more small-businessmen, according to the New York Times as reported by Newser.

A report released detailing the health effects of the 2008 recession was released. The report detailed the mortality rates in 26 different European countries. The report found that suicides dramatically increased after 2009 in each country, excluding Australia, by at least 5 percent. The increase in suicides coincided with higher unemployment.

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