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Twins Face Season Losses

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The Twins lost for the sixth time this season to the Texas Rangers with a final score of 6-2.

The Twins failed to seize the opportunity to score twice with the bases loaded, the Associated Press reported in StarTribune.

Along with their most recent losses, Scott Baker reportedly will undergo elbow surgery with a six month recovery timetable, according to MinnPost, meaning he likely will miss the entire remainder of the season.

The Twins tied the game at 2 in the sixth after Denard Span had three hits and an RBI double, but the Twins couldn't keep up the momentum.

Oakland Teen's Life Changes After Scoring Porn Star Date for Prom

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A regular teenager might give up on his or her search for a prom date after numerous rejections, but not this guy.

Mike Stone, an 18-year-old Tartan high school senior from Oakland, was determined to have a date to take to prom, so he sent multiple requests to celebrities and porn stars alike, until finally, adult porn star Megan Piper (along with Emy Reyes) said yes.

Stone is a heavy-set man who, from his Twitter profile picture, likes race cars. But his unique idea has spread like wildfire and he has vast support from schoolmates and other teens all over the nation who have branded him as their hero, idol, and even "Legendary!"
But his decision has been met with concern and resistance. His school is not allowing him to bring his date to Tartan's prom, so Stone is considering having an alternative "porn prom," or "#pornforprom" which has become a trend on Twitter as a form of advocacy.

According to an interview with Pioneer Press, Stone has received offers for funding of the alternative prom and plane tickets for Stone's date from 40 people and businesses.

Stone's parents were angry and embarrassed after receiving a call from Tartan high school's principal telling the parents that Stone was sending numerous tweets to porn stars.

There's no telling where Stone's prom date journey will go from here. But it will probably be a night he will never forget.

Influential Minneapolis Newspaper Executive John Cowle Jr. Dies

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John Cowles Jr., an 82-year-old editor and publisher from a long line of Minneapolis newspaper executives in his family, stayed active in the newspaper industry until the very end. He died March 14 in his home.

Cowles, a former owner of the Star and Tribune Company, was known by some as a philanthropist who contributed editorials advocating for the civil rights movement.
"John Cowles is one of the most important civic figures in Minneapolis in the last half-century," said Mayor R.T. Rybak.

Cowles encouraged the development and growth of arts and sports in Minneapolis. During the 1970s, he also advocated the construction of the Metrodome, or what is now known as the Mall of America Metrodome, in downtown Minneapolis. This support elicited mixed responses and accusal of conflict of interest.

Cowles was heavily involved in the establishment of the Guthrie theater. According to StarTribune, "In the spring of 1960, he cajoled director Tyrone Guthrie to establish his regional theater in Minneapolis and then went about raising the money to do so, serving as the first president of the theater foundation and later as its board chairman."

He faced his share of criticism. Although he was described as a liberal, he served on a White House committee that advocated for support of President Johnson's war policies in 1965, according to Bruce Weber's article in the New York Times. He also was asked to resign from Cowles Media Board in 1982 after the Star and Tribune papers merged and he placed himself in the former position of publisher Donald Dwight.

Though he grew to be a well-known newspaper executive, in 1953 Cowles started out as a newbie police reporter at one of the many newspaper's his father owned, the Minneapolis Star.

According to StarTribune, A memorial event celebrating Cowles' life will be held at 2 p.m. Friday, May 18, at Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.

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