Roger Stuewer (Physics/HSTM)

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MCPS member Roger Stuewer been awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award of the Department of Physics of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which will be conferred at the department's annual awards banquet on May 2.

We are pleased to announce that Douglas Marshall (Harvard PhD, 2011), who has been an MCPS fellow since 2010, has accepted an offer to join the Carleton College Philosophy Department in the rank of assistant professor. He will start the position in fall of 2014.

Congratulations to Maria Rebolleda Gomez who has won an Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship Award to reside at the Center for the 2014-15 academic year. Maria's faculty sponsor at the Center will be Alan Love. Her PhD supervisor is Michael Travisano (EEB). Her project is entitled "Biological individuality and the evolution of multicellularity".

Associate Professor Alan Love has been awarded a $425,000 grant from the John Templeton Foundation for his project "Integrating Generic and Genetic Explanations of Biological Phenomena," with co-principal investigator William Wimsatt (Winton Chair in the Liberal Arts). This project brings together a diverse team of scholars in philosophy and biology to address the problem of integrating different types of explanations from scientific approaches to better understand life's complexity. The project will result in substantial advances in our understanding of three different domains of biological phenomena, establish a new collaborative networks of scientists, and illuminate the means and motivation of progress in biological knowledge over time.

Bill Wimsatt awarded Hull Prize

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Bill Wimsatt, Winton Professor the Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota and Residential Fellow of MCPS, is being honored with the David L. Hull Prize by the The International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB). This prize is awarded to an individual who has made extraordinary contributions to scholarship and service in ways that promote interdisciplinary connections between history, philosophy, social studies, and biology and that foster the careers of younger scholars. These are strengths that reflect the contributions of David Hull to our professions and to ISHPSSB.