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My first entry will discuss an online ad I have been finding practically unavoidable whenever I watch a youtube video or anything of that sort. The ad is for Axe body wash, and it simultaneously promotes the release of the video game Halo 4, as well as the video game console XBox 360.
After learning about digital analytics from the speaker from Carmichael Lynch, I was interested in how my cookies may have an effect on what advertisements are shown to me. I found it funny that Axe would have such a heavy percentage of the online ads I am forced to view, since I have previously viewed a large number of Old Spice body wash ads on youtube, due in part to myself being brand loyal to Old Spice, as well as the ads themselves being hilarious. I also have never owned an XBox, or any video console for that matter, and I've only played older Halo games at a friend's house a long while ago.
Again, I am curious as to why this ad has been played for me so very often when I can't remember anything in my video search history that would seem as though I would be interested in such an ad. In fact, due to the Old Spice ads I have watched, it might seem I would be more likely to react negatively towards an advertisement for Axe. It may be that my history makes me a target if Axe is attempting to sway my brand loyalty with a chance to win an XBox (which would be appealing to many in my demographic). Or it may just be that a lot of money was paid by Axe and Microsoft to promote their products regardless of my history.

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