Group Alcohol Survey

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113Alcohol Survey

1. What is your age?
17-18 1
19-20 2
21-22 3
23-24 4
25 and Older 5

2. In the past month, how many times have you consumed a drink containing Alcohol?
None 1
1-3 2
4-6 3
7-9 4
10 or more 5

3. In a typical week, how many times do you consume alcohol?
Never 1
1-2 Days 2
3-4 Days 3
5-6 Days 4
7 Days 5

4. When you drink, how many alcoholic drinks do you typically consume?
Zero 1
1-2 2
3-4 3
5-6 4
7 or more 5

5. Have your drinking habits increased since the start of your freshman year?
I am a Freshman 1
Increased 2
Decreased 3
Stayed the Same 4

6. How much do you enjoy consuming alcohol?
Very Much Enjoy 1
Somewhat enjoy 2
Neither Enjoy or Dislike 3
Somewhat Dislike 4
Very Much Dislike 5

7. Are you inclined to drink more in social situations?
Yes 1
Sometimes 2
Ambivalent 3
No 4

8. Do you feel pressured by your friends to drink alcohol?
Strongly Disagree 1
Somewhat Disagree 2
Neutral 3
Somewhat agree 4
Strongly Agree 5

9. Do you feel as though there is a drinking problem at the University?
Yes 1
No 2

Above is my group's attempt to create a survey that would study the drinking habits of college students. We used a snowball method to procure responses for the survey by telling our friends to take it and posting it on Facebook and asking people to take and share it. In the end, we garnered more than 100 responses, which was much more than was required.
In class we used the online statistical analysis program Statwing to analyze the data collected from our survey. We also attempted to communicate some of our findings visually. While I doing so, I noticed that our questions could have been revised a bit more to get more specific and helpful results. It worked well enough as a general survey, but it would be interesting to write and conduct a survey that delved into more specifics.

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