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Evan Initial Sketches



The first work (left) has potential and really speaks to me, the lower case 'e' is simple and elegant and the addition of the period '.' exemplifies that is "said and done" meaning business and not 'wishy washy'. However, the '.' is very heavy in comparison to the delicate curvature of the 'e' and overpowers it, detracting from its delicate nature.

The central design has a nice use of negative space and form is simple and easily viewed, there is no question that it is a 'm'. However, this looks very close to the Mountain Dew logo, and some issues may occur because of that.

The simplicity and flow of the design at the right is well executed and the double visual pun on the symbolism of the letters 'em' forming the identifier of the Em hight in type and the emphasis bar over he 'e' implying the same this design is by far the strongest in my opinion as it relays compatible in design as well as the ability to have fun with the ideals and principles of design by development of a creative solution that is also playful in turn.

The first one (far left) is strongest in my opinion. The lower case 'e" yet had an elegant look and also giving designer's creative. The period here perhap look is heavy because of sketch but it work well with lowercase 'e' in combination of line, value, and space. My suggestion is working on 'e' more about such as weight, thin, and thick of stroke that will help to balance two elements.

I agreed to the comments that the first one works better, but I think if you could work more with that ā€œe.ā€?, so that it give more of appealing that create an unique shape. You could swirl the end tip of the ā€œeā€? and create lines on the ā€œeā€? ā€“ that may create some unique shapes.

can you please sketch my name thank you