April 26, 2007

Jonathan K: final project concept

I'm choice my topic about "pollution" to create the poster for final project. My setup is to use all kind of junk/garbage to create the word “pollutionâ€? on a yard and take the photo of it. I will try on different angle and pick the best one. I very much like 45Âș views from a top.

I also had second idea is about teenage and drug. Here my setup is use the needles, syringe, spoon, lighter, alcohol bottle, white powder and all others stuff relate to drug to create the words (I looking for on the message now). Words will setup on the table with teenage boy in process of shoot-up. The light source in front (or behind) of him to created his shadow into the wall. Picture will take from the angle of just the table with message and the shadow only (no pose in the picture).

I need the feedback on these 2 ideas, which one is stronger, more interest for the final.

April 13, 2007

Jonathan K logotype_Stationary

Jonathan K logotype_envelop

Jonathan K logotype_businesscard

Jonathan K logotype_letterhead

Jonathan K logotype name

Jonathan K logotype initial

April 4, 2007

Jonathan K Name Draft


Jonathan K Initial Draft


March 27, 2007

Jonathan Name Sketches


Jonathan Initial Sketches