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So, you have read the readings:
- Scanning 101: Setting the Resolution
- Digital Photography Fundamentals

Do you have questions?

If not, do you have comments on "The Being John Malkovich Effect"?


After Reading scanning 101 i am a little confused on lpi. ppi and dpi I understand and can wrap my brain around. It's easy to picture 300 dots per inch, but halftone lines aren't something I can visualize. Otherwise, the article was easy to read, and had a lot of good information for someone who has not done a lot of scanning.

As for the digital photography fundamentals, most of that article was review (hence fundamentals I suppose) but i was glad to see the section on color temperature. That is one topic I am not as familiar with.

"The Being John Malkovich Effect" was an interesting article. The author had some good points on what makes for a good, interesting blog, but as someone who has not really caught on the the blog craze, it was not all that exciting of a read for me.