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September 26, 2007

Cultural Colonization

The chapter "Branding: A Uniquely American Phenomenon" states that European kids are anxious to see this new form of cultural colonization.

Drawing upon your understanding of History (and Art History), explain colonization. Then go on to intrepret the statement (above). What do you think is meant by cultural colonization? What impacts do you think it can have on the culture?

due by the next class period

September 24, 2007

Emotional Brand Loyalty

"Brand loyalty is largely emotional, it's also inscrutable and fickle, and easily bored. But it's universal that, by and large, loyalists want their heros to be consistently decent human beings."

How has a celebrity affected your view of a product? Have you been influenced by the use if a celebrity in an ad? How and why does it work?

Please respond to these questions and the comments left by classmates.

September 17, 2007


Three questions to answer from Senior Seminar (chapter on opposition):

1) To what sustained uses, other than its familiar and largely unquestioned commercial uses, might graphic design be applied?

2) How and where should designers who wish to engage in a rule-breaking post modernism of resistance position themselves?

3) What forms, in terms of style, might an oppositional graphic design assume at this point?