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Emotional Brand Loyalty

"Brand loyalty is largely emotional, it's also inscrutable and fickle, and easily bored. But it's universal that, by and large, loyalists want their heros to be consistently decent human beings."

How has a celebrity affected your view of a product? Have you been influenced by the use if a celebrity in an ad? How and why does it work?

Please respond to these questions and the comments left by classmates.


I am a Mac user and I like the guy on the Mac/PC commercial although I don't know his name. He's so much better than the dweebie PC guy. It makes me feel like I'm a little cooler than he is.

Celebrity endorcements of consumer products work very well because the target audience of the product advertised is usually endorced with a celebrity that they look up, trust and want to be like. This works exceptionally with children and teens. It is part of the "I want to belong" syndrome.

I can't think of a specific human celebrity endorsement that has affected me to the point of wanting to purchase a product. However the show Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles (go figure?) was my favorite cartoon while growing up and everytime there was a kids toy that came out I wanted my mom to purchase it, like the nitendo game. I think for children of 10 or younger, cartoon characters are a more effective way of getting them to purchase products.

I don't ever recall being influenced to purchase a certain product simply because of a celebrity. If there was a celebrity that I didn't like, I just thought about how much I don't like them...

I think it's a great strategy because millions of people know and recognize this certain character and they will certainly look into the product if they want to be more like their role model.

When we talk about celebrities I think it should be pointed out that celebrities in Ads are not just movie stars, or ball players, but also cartoon and made up characters. As in the TMNT, which Tina mentioned, Ronald McDonald, Mario, Tony the Tiger, even those little M&M guys.
As of now, I do not care about celebrities doing ads, so it really hasn't affected my view on products. However, there are a few celebrities that have, mostly the made up ones, like Ronald and Joe Camel.
After about age 12, 13 no celebrity has actually influenced me into buying a product. But before that, as a little kid, it did, like the TMNT, Ronald with his damn friends, Jordan, and Mario.
How and why it works? Well I believe that advertisers use real people, celebrities, as in Jordan, Woods, Bono, Spears, etc. when they want to target teenagers to adults. I think so we can relate and look up to them, we need to; we have to follow them. “This famous person drinks Pepsi, hmm, I should too.? This happens in an instant, and has to do with our human instincts.
As in for kids, Tina is right; “…cartoon characters are a more effective way of getting them to purchase products.? Why? Well, maybe it has to do with there being noise, being loud, and colorful. It gets the kids attention right away, that with kids being easily, influenced, it’s easy. Why do you think all those cereal boxes have cartoons on them, Tony the Tiger, Captain Crunch, Trix, and that Lucky Charms Guy?

I was influenced by Michael Jordon.

When I was in high school, back in the 80s, it wasn't enough just to have a pair of new Nike shoes, they had to be the new Jordon, black, red and whites.

By having the Nike Jordons, I was accepted by my peers and now I could make fun of the kids who didn't have them.

The celebrities are more appealing in ads for products that benefit from being associated with role models or someone the consumer emulates. Celebrities also tend to be more effective in attracting the spotlight. Celebrities can work well, because they grab people’s attention, particularly in a cluttered media environment. They did not influence me in any of my purchases. Yes, when comes to purchasing, I had to pick on a certain brand, but it is not because of any celebrity or loyalty. It is the quality and the design that are keys in affecting my decision.

I don't spend too much time paying attention to the celebrities in any ad. The advertisement is supposed to be all about the product and how is attracting your attention in which the celebrity comes in. I think too many people are caught up in the whole Hollywood scene. If they see a pair of shoes or jeans that a famous celebrity is wearing, then they "have" to get them only because they will feel like they have a sense of belonging and they will feel almost famous, just like the celebrity. Having just normal everyday people like me that are in the advertisements would make me more influenced to buy something rather than a celebrity. Would you ever see Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson wearing a pair of jeans from Walmart or something that is not name brand? I don't really think so, and it is sad.

Reply to (jillian) I think it is deppends on the personality, what ever people says

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