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October 29, 2007

Cult of the Body Beautiful

  1. Compare the Venus of Willendorf and the Greek distortion of the perfected male body to the contemporary view of beauty.

  2. How does our society and values of our society determine how we depict the human body?

  3. Why do designers modify the body as seen above?

October 24, 2007

Cool Hunting

The Frontline video mentions that teen rebellion is now just a product that is digested by popular culture and sold back to them at the mall. It is mentioned that there is a feedback loop of finding cool, selling it, and finding the new cool (rebelling against the old cool).

1 - Is there room for teens to create a culture of their own?
2 - What is cool hunting?
3 - How do you respond to this as graphic designers?

October 4, 2007


In the movie, "The Corporation", Naomi Klein mentioned that all life and relationships are now commercialized and that branding is a new form of imperialism. What is your response?