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Cool Hunting

The Frontline video mentions that teen rebellion is now just a product that is digested by popular culture and sold back to them at the mall. It is mentioned that there is a feedback loop of finding cool, selling it, and finding the new cool (rebelling against the old cool).

1 - Is there room for teens to create a culture of their own?
2 - What is cool hunting?
3 - How do you respond to this as graphic designers?


2: Cool hunting is when People, most likely from a marketing agency, go out on the streets looking for cool, or the next cool. What is happening out in the streets with teenagers. And in turn they sell that cool to other teenagers.

I think is not matter there is a room for a teenage to built their own culture or not, they are doing it anyway, just like our parent or grandparent did in decades ago. and I don’t look at it at a negative sight.
Cool hunting is a term referring of marketing professionals, called Cool Hunter. Mostly, they work for the corporations and their job are to observations and predictions in changes of new or existing cultural trends. Cool hunters, they focus on trends predominantly geared towards the young consumer of 13 to 24 year olds. The most common areas of research for cool hunters are: fashion, music, films, etc…
As a graphic design I think cool hunting perhaps a good way to understand the youth and use that resulted to help them built better culture for themselves instead of use for corporation/commercial ads.

1: Yea, I think that there is room and there has been room for teenagers to create their own culture. However, I can see the room getting smaller. But this has been going on for years; teenagers have always made up their own culture in some way. But after Elvis and rock and roll came along thanks to the T.V. in the 50’s, teen culture has always been intertwined with popular culture, by what they see, hear, drink, eat, wear, etc. Teenagers now had a voice, they were able to speak out, and most did that through buying, of course, buying a lot more shit today than fifty, sixty years ago. I think teenagers are still going to be teenagers, some not all, are still going to rebel, go against what their parents say. They are still going to buy something they see on T.V. and magazines, whatever is “in? in popular culture, whether it is their own or not. Time and attitude is the only thing that changes.
So, yea I do think that there is room; it is just that the mall is making it a little smaller. But think about how many cools there are now, sure there are those main cools, popular culture cool, but there’s a lot of little cools going around, some just might be the next big cool created by teenagers and enhanced by corporations.

1. It is almost impossible for any kid to create a culture of their own, not influenced by advertising. In order to do this, they would have to turn the TV off and never get on the internet. In theory this might work, has anyone ever told you not to do something when you were a kid? By forbidding them to do this only makes them want it more, making this almost impossible for anyone to never be influenced. We can only hope that teens can learn from their own parents about being yourself. Parents instead of giving their teen the credit card, teach your children how inportant it is to be your own person, make your own style. Stop taking the easiest solution.

2. Cool hunting is when marketing agencies chase teens around looking for the always changing style. The style that they find they exploit and sell to retailers.

3. As graphic designers, what can we do? Are we going to create designs that appeal to the parents and then have the parents tell their teens what they will buy? No we need to first make parents responsible for their teens' purchases again. This might happen by making public service messages that just giving their teen the credit card because they feel guilty for not spending time with them, is not responsible. If you "parent responsibly" you will not have to stand up against your teen's purchases, but stand together and give them the best way to justify their purchases to better the environment or that style will have purposeful uses. By not having fad fashion, but responsible fashion with purpose.

1) Kids are the ones creating the culture but then its just getting sold back to them. In the movie it shows the researhers going out into the kid environments to find the next "cool" thing they can market to other kids. So in a sense kids are just buying into the culture of other kids to be trendy. If kids dont want to be influenced by anything they would have to turn off the TV, & computer, get rid of all media and live out in the boonies by them selves because advertising is shoved down thier throats every day and is impossible to get away from.

2) Cool hunting is a form of research that advertisers use to get inside the "cool" kids environment. They try to get ideas from what the cool kids do, and wear just to turn back around and sell it to them and other teenagers.

3) I think that this is an effective way of doing research to sell to teenagers because otherwise you are taking a shot in the dark when it comes to the evergrowing savvy teenagers. On the other hand I highly disagree with advertising "want" products to teenagers that just makes them be more and more materialistic and greedy.

There has always been room for teen culture. This is where cultural change begins. Trends are the start to a cultural revolution and who's trendier than teenagers? Without these changes, life would be pretty stagnant. Look what Elvis started!

Cool hunting is when research groups try to hone in on what's hot, the first signs of a teen culture evolving.

As designers we must educate the public, adults and youths, about truth. Whether its textiles in Thailand or seal furs in Siberia, if people are more aware of what goes into the product they are purchasing, they become better consumers.

1- Yes I think there is a certain amount of space for people to create their own culture. You have to be careful that it isn't adopted by the mainstream. Because pretty soon everyone is going to be following the same trend and eventually that culture will become part of a corporation, such as Hot Topic. For instance, all the goth kids have a huge thing against places such as Abercrombie and American Eagle, etc... However, have you ever gone up to one of them and said "did you know that Hot Topic is owned by the GAP?"

2- For me, cool hunting is be the searching and discovering of new trends (anything from physical appearance to entertainment). What is popular or becoming popular among the masses?

3- The challenging thing is that these trends change ever so constantly. As soon as one culture begins to get adopted, there is a new one developing and the aforementioned trend gets bashed and is called 'uncool.' The affected people will also look at advertising in different ways as these trends change. So designers have to find a way to stay ahead of the game.

I wrote this on the 24th, but the site wouldn't let me upload it... was looking for new questions and remembered this.

1. I think their is always enough space for anyone to create their own culture, style, sense of being, or anything in the matter. I think kids these days want to stand out and either be rebellious by being "different and unique" or by just being "popular" which then they go out of there way to buy all the new expensive "in-style for one month" clothes and attire. I think there are too many bad influences that are especially on television and on the internet these days that are not helping the younger generations. Kids and teens are bombarded with advertisements for everything, especially in middle school and high school. It is really sad. They should be able to create their own sense of style and culture and feel confident, instead of worrying if they are going to fit in if they dont have the cool clothes.
2. Cool hunting is like they showed in the video. They want to find teens that have almost an alternative style that could set a trend. They find something that is different and that could be a great trend no matter what it is and they start marketing/advertising it. They want to go out and find the "new cool things" that are out there, that maybe people dont know about. They want people to know about it, but really...they just want to make the big bucks doing it.
3.As designers we have to be focused on how we are selling things to the youth. We have to stay ahead and do research about what teens like and what is affordable and smart.

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