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In the movie, "The Corporation", Naomi Klein mentioned that all life and relationships are now commercialized and that branding is a new form of imperialism. What is your response?


My response to this makes me think...
If the American dream is to be free to do what we want and be independent, why do we depend so much on commercialized products and objects to fit in? It's so true - people buy products just because they want be like the 'cool people.' It's like we are part of a machine that buys Nike products just to fit in with the rest of the crowd. If being noticed as free people, why do we all indulge in the same products?It's because the branding brainwashes to obtain, obtain, obtain. Imperialism is a very accurate description of Branding because it is overtaking the world. Brands can be recognized anywhere in the world now. Branding could almost be seen as a tyrannical being... It's just ridiculous.

Branding is NOT the new form of imperialism. It's no secret that a great ad campaign leads the consumer to their product. We the consumer, drive the market for any item, Nike shoes & clothes, gas, etc. Our demand for products and the ability to pay for it allows, demands corporations to make products cheaper and more available. We wage a war, as consumers, against the general, non-educational society that 25 years ago might have not had the ability to work at all, for any wage. The corporation is the consumers creation, thus making the consumer waging our buying power to enslave underpaid people of other countries to hate the U.S.A. The countries we trade and manufacture in, are responsible for the welfare of their own people. Once technology and education finally gets to these countries, our corporations will not be able to take advantage of their workforce. Every time corporations are fined for trade violations, instead of just paying the fine, they should be kicked out of the country they are exploiting. We like what we like, we have the choice to buy or not to buy. We are not forced into anything and neither are the underpaid. Work or don't work...Buy it or don't buy it...Follow or be followed!

Naomi Klein's claim that all life and relationships are commercial and branding is like imperialism is only true if we let it. I think it is wrong that the highest court in the land ruled that living things can be patented,in a way saying it should be owned by someone. I'm not a sympthizer of his but I can see why Osama hates what American stands for. I think he and Naomi need to quantify... we are not ALL about money!

This comment is very true. Corporations have a part in every aspect of our life, from the food we eat to the home that we purchase. It is very hard to find a comsumer product that is not owned by a corporation. It is a sad reality and if you think about it, the relationship transformation happened in a very short period of time in a VERY effective manner. Corporations rely on the consumer to buy their products and they go to great lengths to keep us under their hold. I am trying to cut my relationship with as many corporations that I can.

In today's society, imperialism has definitely made its way into both our lives and relationships. Many brand names as well as corporations have targeted many aspects of humans, in particular to our emotions. For example, humans bond through many ways, and one way that is always apparent and commercialized is through love. Take Kay Jewelers, for instance, with their strong image of "a diamond is forever" to speak to audience (of all ages) that love is lasting like this special gem, a diamond. Many a times, couples see this commercial, and they'd go out to get the gift of love to their significant other. Another way to bond is through communication. A great example of this that we have seen over and over again on television is the different cellular carriers that compete to get customers. T-mobile's "fave five", Cingular's ad for "raising the bar", or Verizon Wireless greater network ("where you go, we go...") are among some examples. On this same note, let us look at corporate imperialism. It involves much more fashion than simple consumer goods; it involves the dissemination of ostensible principles, such as freedom and democracy, it marks frightening that many cultures around the world are gradually disappearing due to the overwhelming influence of corporate. To expand today's demanding market and pursue globalization, imperialism has taken beyond what we can imagine. We see there is a greater call for labor and sales as new trends take on as a result, we observe and hear about abusive labor and experience unreasonable marked-up prices.

Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1) -
im·pe·ri·al·ism Pronunciation[im-peer-ee-uh-liz-uhm]
1: the policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries, or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies.
2: advocacy of imperial interests.

American Heritage Dictionary
1: The policy of extending a nation's authority by territorial acquisition or by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over other nations.

the forceful extension of a nation's authority by territorial conquest establishing economic and political domination of other nations that are not its colonies.

With the definitions above I understand why Klein says “that all life and relationships are now commercialized and that branding is a new form of imperialism.? And Klein is right BRANDING IS a new from of IMPERIALISM. Branding has turned the world into a “globe mall,? something that we have created. Through branding, America is taking over the world. American branding is stepping on and crushing local traditions, and implementing their own traditions, brands. Ky is right “… many cultures around the world are gradually disappearing due to the overwhelming influence of corporate.? This is very true in the terms of branding imperialism. How often do we see a brand for over seas? And if you are over seas how often do you see an American brand? Is this good or bad? Growing is good, but trying to make and force people all over the world to buy your shit, is kind of crazy, too much. Is there any end???

I think it is pretty sad how materialistic Americans are. We don't have to let the corporations suck us in to keep purchasing their products and be loyal to their company. It just seems to happen. I know for myself that I have tried to avoid having any true relationship to a "certain" corporation. In this day and age, people see celebrities wearing certain things, or having the "look" and this generation of younger people so call "need" to have it....when it should be more like wanting something, it has turned into "needing" something. It is really sad, since there are so many important issues going on in our country and in the world today...that people can pay attention more to their corporations advertisements and whatnot. Corporations are trying to pull too many people in and keep their loyalty and business. There are just more important things to have a loyalty or relationship with than a brand or product.