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Political Propaganda

Describe how deign has historically been used as propaganda. How does this relate to how design is used for propaganda today?


Historically, political propaganda was used to promote the Nazi's. When Hitler made the Jews look like thieves in posters. Also how Hitler said the the true Nazi Arien had blond hair & blue eyes. He even went as far as, after they invaded Norway, set up any women looking for husbands, could be matched up the SS and be taken care of for the rest of her life and her family.

Propaganda has many more choices today than ever to spread its virus.

The internet is how Terrorists promote their cause and show their latest victory. The TV is where we get our political sound/video byte of the day, biased by different networks...NBC/FOX.

Propaganda has been used since the beginning of time. In Germany before and during the WWII graphic design had been use in political propaganda, and they also mostly use in the communist countries after the war until now. It is basically a type of message aimed at influencing the behavior, opinions and decisions of people. Propaganda doesn't necessary has to have morals and is often misleading or exaggerated. Propaganda is mainly used in politics and takes it cue from public relations and advertising. Advertising and public relations can also be termed as types of propaganda because they exaggerate the truth behind products and individuals. Today, advertising designs are expected to make people belief in products, services, political, or ideological to be considering as propaganda.

Design has been used as propaganda for ages, the most obvious periods are during WWII and the Chinese Revolution. However, people have been influenced by design long before this. I think that Hitler and Nazi community was perhaps one of the first groups to realize the power that design has and they used to great effects. It obviously wasn't good effects, but it was powerful nonetheless.
Today, design is used in many more ways. It is used as propaganda in every form of media. Tv commercials, Billboards, Radio spots - all are used to influence us in some way.
We are supposed to believe that we are not being influenced in negative ways nowadays, but here's an interesting point (this is an extreme example). The children's show, Sesame Street. There is a character called 'Grouch' who lives in a trash can, signifying that he is homeless. The characters on the show always treat him with disrespect and ill-contempt. Does this influence the youth to treat those less fortunate the same way? Are we still being negatively influenced today? Think about it.

I agree with the other three comments about the propaganda back during WWII and how the designs were not a good influence but they definetly had an impact on the world. The messages were so bold and strong. Today we see propaganda in designs everywhere I think. The streets and fields and skyscrapers are covered in them. The internet and tv is covered with them. It is almost annoying! What is sad is that a lot of advertising comes out to be false sometimes, but they will do anything to attract people and build a relationship with them. They want people to see their products and buy buy buy. They dont care if they are advertising it in the truest most honest way, as long as it looks good...they think we will buy it. I guess its fair to say that most people "buy the whole advertising gig," it just sucks you in more and more.