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Tyson's tweaked logo



This logo is getting better since the last time I saw it. You are close. I do not like having the globe as a box, with a corner. i do not think it works. I do like the simplicity of the globe, just two lines, but with a sharp corner. What is your reason behind that. The positions and shape of the faces work very well. Could you use more than two faces? Do you need the globe?
The type I think you can work on some more. Too much going on with the type, sizes, weight. Simplify it.
Also with the lines on the globe,
if you use it, see if you can make the line even with the eye level.

the biggest problem i see right now is the square frame on the left side of the globe. The faces look nice - is there any way of just using those shapes? the next thing is that I think there are too many variations in the type.