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Meeting Times

Monday & Tuesday?

So after looking at the poll and hearing from almost everyone I think it would be cool if we could meet twice a week. Mondays at 1pm and Tuesday at 8pm. Since some people can't make it Monday afternoon or Tuesday night. What do you guys think?

And if you can't make it any of these times post what other days and times work for you.


I will only be attending on tuesday nights. The two meeting times sounds ok to me just as long as we recap the minutes from the priror meeting.

i will only be able to make it on monday afternoon at 1 since im coaching and we have practiced those days so hopefully you can keep me contacted with what will be going on on tuesday nights at 8pm. when will be we starting this than??

With these two meeting times, I think that each meeting will generally be the same, cover the same things. I don't think that each meeting will be completely different than the other. So basically the same meeting each week, with little variations in each.This is just for starters, see what happens. What do you all think?

Lets start this Monday the 29th on the UMR campus 3rd floor lounge area.

that is totally fine with me me.

where is the UMR located at? I will be coming from graphic design class at RCTC getting done at 1 so.. prob be a bit late!! or is this located at rctc im not totally sure so!! also how long are the meetings going to last just as a heads up.. prob an hour i'm guessing..

UMR is downtown across the Radisson. Basically, its the Galleria Mall
here's more info on directions and such