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Logo for RSDO

Download file

Here are two logos that have been created for RSDO.

Which one do you think is the the strongest?

Please leave comments and if you have any other ideas for a logo post them up here.


I prefer the second logo design (negative space). Brenda

I prefer the second logo design (negative space). Brenda

Choosing between the two I would choose the first logo. If I didn't know it said RSDO I may not figure it out right away.

I like the concept of the pos/neg space in the second one, but it's not working yet. Right now, the 1st design is the strongest, but I would like to see the 2nd one as the final logo.

How would you work the bottom one evan? What do you mean?

the second one!

im trying to do the possitve negative effect in my project and well its not working right how do we do that again!!