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March 27, 2009

Essential Evidence Plus

Hi All,

Liz recommended that the following be put in the Reference blog in case the questions come up at the Reference Desk. Essential Evidence Plus requires that patrons register their desk-top application and PDA every year. The instructions that EEP provides are not terribly clear, but it does appear that if you have downloaded the automatic updater, then all the patron needs are the passwords listed below. The URL below does take the user to a more detailed set of instructions. If I have done this right, here is a copy of the instructions that can be printed out: Download file. Also, Jim is the most familiar with working with EEP and the PDAs, so if there are problems, refer patrons to him.


"This is a reminder that all University of Minnesota Libraries's users must re-register Essential Evidence Plus on their Pocket PC, and Palm OS by next week, if they have not already, or the application will freeze when your subscription rolls into your new account.

As you may remember, registering Essential Evidence Plus is an annual event that is associated with your institution's expiration date. If your users have re-registered since you renewed your subscription to Essential Evidence Plus, the product will function for another year on their respective devices. However, if the user has NOT registered since last year, they will need to register again so the new code will reflect your institution's new expiration date.

Attached is a document that you can send to your users to help communicate this information.

Alternatively, you can use the feature on your client administrative page that allows you to email everyone from your organization that is registered and reference the following link:


Usernames and passwords are also changed annually. In one week your old username and password, uminnlib and poem, will be disabled and only your new username and password, minnesotalib and EEPlus, will continue to work. Please take the time now to notify your users of this change."

Reference Blog 2.0

As I mentioned yesterday in the Reference and Instruction meeting, our previous version of the Reference blog went kaput, though it is still possible to view previous posts. I've created a new blog as a replacement, and there are several things I would like to mention.

1. You can link to the blog from either the Liaison or Reference pages on the HSL staff wiki.

2. To post to the blog, click on the Feed the Blog link on the site. I've added everyone as authors, so you'll authenticate using your X.500 ID and password. When you do post, please make sure to use the Notifications to alert everyone. Watch this for step-by-step instructions.

3. Search both the old and new blog using the Custom Google search box. I've also added a link to the old blog on the new site.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? I'd love to get your feedback.


ABMS Directory - new format

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that the format to the Official ABMS Directory has changed this year. Starting with the 41st ed. (2009) the ABMS was published in three volumes and included a companion website. The print volumes include the data that's most critical to confirm whether or not a physician is board certified, while the website has additional professional data (education, training, hospital appointments, etc).

Christopher is tipping in a sheet into volume one with directions about accessing the companion website and also the username and password (these are case sensitive). I have also added the username/password information as an internal note in the Aleph item record in case the sheet should disappear. This information is permissible for us to share, but only one person can access the website at a time.

Please let me know if you have any questions.