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Active Directory Redux - reminder for those teaching in the Pit

Going along with Jim's note about getting Active Directory questions at the desk - if you are teaching classes in the Pit, remember, whenever possible, to notify students in advance to check their Active Directory status. That way, you hopefully won't end up with a class full of people who can't get into the computers. Here is a sample of an email I send to classes in advance:

"I'm looking forward to seeing your N8170 students on Tuesday at 2:20! The library computers require students to be registered with something called Active Directory to log into the machines, and if they haven't used computers in the library over the last semester, they probably aren't signed up. It's a really quick registration process, but it would make things go much more smoothly on Tuesday if you could have the students make sure their Active Directory accounts are enabled in advance.

Could you send an email to the class and ask them to complete this short process?
1. Go to www.umn.edu/dirtools.
2. Log in with your Internet ID/X.500 username and password
3. Click on "Active Directory Account Options"
4. Choose to activate your University of Minnesota Active Directory account
5. Click the Submit button
6. Close Window/Log Out

This is all they need to do, and they may find that their Active Directory account is already enabled. Let me know if you have any questions - I'll see the class on Tuesday at 2:20!"

Remember too that you can get guest logins from the circ desk, or talk to Peter for another solution if you know you'll have a big class where no one is registered. You can also have a laptop set up to quickly enable people's accounts on the fly.

Just a reminder to be prepared! Since it's been a year, I forgot that this might be an issue when teaching in the Pit, and it's a very miserable surprise to have. Thanks!


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