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From SciEng: Zotero in Moodle / RefWorks on UMN Connect

Still cleaning out email! Here's another useful note from Jon Jeffryes about some resources for Zotero and RefWorks:

Over here at Sci/Eng we've put together a Moodle version of our Zotero workshop that I thought I'd share with the wider AP audience...feel free to take a look and send me your feedback. (I'll add the link to the Info Lit Toolkit as well)


If you want to refer people to this site or use/adapt it in some other way to meet your instructional/reference needs, please feel free.

Also if you want to be added to the roster of instructors that we provide contact links to in the right hand column, I'll be happy to add you.

And Kate Peterson helped Jan Fransen and me record our last RefWorks session...we've linked to it on our Moodle page and our Twitter account. If you're interested to see what Connect can do for recording class sessions, feel free to take a listen: https://umconnect.umn.edu/p60171185/

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