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Requests for HaPI access from non U of M folks

Hi there,

I'm not sure how this bit of info got out, but apparently some non-affiliates may contact us regarding access to HaPI and frustration that they can't get it.

I got this message today via medref:

Name: Jonathan
Dept: CLA
E-mail: klabu007@umn.edu
Phone: 41469068125
Question: Hello,

I work at OIT and a lady [name removed] called from Stonybrook University. Apparently, that university and others have been instructed to the HAPi portion of your website and have been told to access articles there but cannot because of a lack of Internet ID and password. I would like to make you aware of the issue as you may receive calls about it. If possible, she would like to be contacted as how to proceed. Below is her contact information.

I've left a voicemail for the patron mentioned in the email and told her that she should check w/Stonybrook for HaPI access.

Not sure how this got out to non-affiliates, I do know I answered a medref question this month pointing a U of M nursing student to our Finding Tests/Surveys page, and she lives in CA, so maybe it made the grapevine of students.

Just be on the lookout for people asking about HaPI...


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