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Write-N-Cite III and Windows 7?

This just came through the AP list from Jon Jeffryes in SciEng, regarding a patron who says that he can't access WNC III on his Windows 7 computer. Here is the response he got from RefWorks:

Hello Jon,

I believe the issue will be more with the use of WNC III for Windows and MS Word 2003 than anything else. WNC III was created for use primarily for MS Word 2007 users who were on Vista.

I will provide some troubleshooting guidelines for WNC III but you will notice they refer more to things found in MS Word 2007 but may provide some ideas to your user.

Would you please try the following suggestions?

1. Open WNC III from the Start Menu and see if the error message reoccurs
2. Open WNC III from the Tools (or Add-Ins) menu within MS Word
a. With an existing document open
b. With no document open
3. Open WNC III from the desktop, if you have a shortcut placed there

We have had users report different results within these scenarios and would appreciate any observations you may be able to provide to us. We are hoping to have a solution as soon as we are able to identify the specific cause of the problem. So far, the results of users' feedback have failed to point to a single issue for us to address.

If WNC III is not present in the Add-Ins list in MS Word 2007, select the round MS Office button with the red-yellow-green-blue logo and select Word Options from the lower-right of the panel. Then from the resulting window, select Add-Ins from the column on the left. You will see the following and we want to see that RefWorks.dot is an active Add-In.

If Refworks.dot is not active, open the drop down menu at the bottom of the page to Word Add-Ins and select the Go button.

Once open, you will want to select the Templates tab and check to make sure the Refworks.dot is checked and if not, you will want to use the Add... button to activate it.

If there is any security software on the computer it would be helpful to know what it is and the version of MS Word in use on the computer. Because firewalls not only help manage online work, it is important to note that is can block programs (in this case MS Word and MS Internet Explorer) from working together and this is the most likely cause. The Windows Firewall will need to have WNC III listed as a permitted exception allowing our plug-in to communicate with those programs and online resources required.

Another scenario we have seen that causes WNC to fail is when the user is working out of a roaming profile or from a limited installation of WNC III on the computer to just the Admin account. It has been shown that creating another profile on the computer and installing WNC III again for all users is a possible solution worth considering. Anytime WNC is installed the user is given the opportunity to install for all users on the machine and doing this has a much higher rate of success than installing for the single user.

Please let me know if you have other questions or the need for further assistance.

Jay Lesseig
Senior Technical Support Specialist
1155 West 4th Avenue, Suite 212
Reno, NV 89503 USA
t. +1.775.327.4105
f. +1.775.327.4112

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