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Finding Information about Doctors

We had a request this morning for information about where two doctors went to medical school and where they did their residency and I thought it would be helpful to remind everyone of the resources we have for answering these questions. For doctors in the United States we have the AMA Medical Directory and the ABMS Directory of Medical Specialists. Both of these are print resources and both are also available online. For the AMA Directory it is AMA's "Doctor Finder," www.ama-assn.org/aps/amahg.htm, not to be confused with a private company called "Doctor Finder." This resource is available to anyone. For the ABMS there is a web resource, www.abmsdirectory.com, but it is password controlled. The user name and password are contained on an orange card with the command "Do Not Discard" in front of the Table of Contents of the ABMS Directory. Nicole created a blog entry on this last Spring but I feel it wouldn't hurt to remind everyone since I had forgotten about it. There are also print directories in the reference collection, although they're a bit dated, for finding information about doctors in England, France, and Australia. To find information about doctors from countries other than these it probably wouldn't hurt to use Google.


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