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April 28, 2010

AHC Faculty Expertise

At today's All-Staff meeting, Del brought up the point that sometimes on the desk we'll receive questions about which faculty at the U are specialists/experts in a specific disease etc.

I don't know about the Med School (and maybe Jim can add to this later) but I know the School of Public Health has a website that lists their faculty and it can be searched by expertise categories:


Maybe other liaisons could add to this thread if they know of resources in their respective schools/colleges/centers.


April 27, 2010

ACS Journal Service Disruption

Passed along by Meghan Lafferty ----

System disruption to ACS Publications content, April 27, 2010

ACS Publications is experiencing a severe system disruption resulting in complete or partial loss of access across our ACS Web Editions products including journals, e-books and archives for many of our customers worldwide. We apologize for the inconvenience to you and your patrons. We are working diligently to both restore access as well as trace the root cause of the issue.

While we are working to resolve this issue, your institution may have access partially restored across a limited number of products or features. However, when full access is restored and stable we will send you another email to confirm.

Please visit the Librarian Resource Center (http://pubs.acs.org/4librarians) homepage for up to the minute bulletins on the current situation.

We are also reviewing our customer service and alerting procedures for major interruptions and will be posting our 24 hour Help Desk protocols more prominently for easy access in the future.

PLEASE NOTE: You may receive system generated emails confirming online access to ACS journals with a list of your holdings. Please disregard this message and any action items it contains. As stated earlier, we will contact you directly notifying you when this issue is completely resolved.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this.


S. Sara Rouhi
Library Relations
ACS Publications
1155 16th St., NW
Washington, DC 20036

Reference Desk Opening and Closing Procedures

The Reference Desk opening and closing procedures mysteriously disappeared last week. We have printed out a new copy and have placed it in a plastic sleeve and inserted it as the first page of the maroon Reference Handbook to the right of Reference computer A.


April 9, 2010

Instructions for Exporting Citations from RefWorks to Excel

Occasionally, a patron will ask if there's a way to move citations into Excel. I've used RefWorks as a midpoint to move citations from Aleph and Ovid, and it seems to work pretty well, though there are a couple of tricks. (I'm mostly documenting this so that I don't have to try to remember all the steps when this comes up again in six months!)


Instructions for exporting citations from RefWorks to Excel:

  • From the RefWorks Tools menu, select Export References

  • Choose the relevant Folder from the drop-down menu, change the radio button to Tab Delimited, and click Export to Text File

  • From the Firefox File menu, select Save Page As...

  • In the Save As... window that opens, change the extension of the File name from .txt to .xls. (Note: This must be done in the File name field; it will not be an option in the Save as type drop-down menu.)

  • Navigate to saved file and double-click to open

April 1, 2010

UpToDate version 18.1 now available

Please see announcement from UpToDate on the new features in version 18.1
Amy Claussen

Dear Subscriber,

We are pleased to announce that UpToDate version 18.1 is now available at www.uptodate.com.

For the latest information, click here to read our 18.1 newsletter, which highlights the launch of UpToDate's 16th specialty, Allergy and Immunology. You'll also find:

• A quick recap of new and existing features
• An update on our subscription grant program for clinicians in Haiti
• An article on integrating UpToDate into your clinician workflow
• A reminder about our patient information website
• A schedule for 18.2 and other upcoming releases

Printed copies of the newsletter are available upon request for distribution at your facility.

What's New in 18.1
"What's New" summarizes the most important new medical findings since the last release. In some cases, the results of newly published studies may have important and immediate implications that may affect the way clinicians practice. A compilation of these Practice Changing UpDates are listed in a separate section of "What's New," as well as incorporated into the list of updated topics by specialty. We encourage you to email this information to clinicians within your institution. To do so, please follow the steps below:

• Go to What's New
• Select a specialty or click on "Practice Changing UpDates"
• Click "Email" (in the upper right corner)
• Enter email addresses
• Click "Send"

New Patient Information Topic
UpToDate continues to add more patient information. For example, in response to several requests from subscribers, we've added the topic Putting the H1N1 (swine) flu vaccine into perspective. In this topic we specifically address the tremendous amount of misinformation available on the Internet, so that patients can get the right information and you can have more productive patient encounters.

In fact, this is the goal of all of our patient information. If you haven't accessed it to date, you can search for patient information using the UpToDate search box (e.g., "H1N1 patient info") or you can click on the Patient Information tab to get the full list of our patient topics. You can also refer your patients to our free website, www.uptodate.com/patients.