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Prevent Thunderbird from displaying text attachments inline

Hi all -

Judy and Lisa have both experienced problems with Thunderbird displaying text attachments inline, so I thought I'd post instructions for preventing it.

  1. Open the Thunderbird Preferences (this is under "Preferences" in the Edit menu, or "Options" in the Tools menu, depending on your OS).
  2. Go to the Advanced section > General tab.
  3. Click the Config Editor button.
  4. Enter mail.content_disposition_type in the filter box.
  5. Double-click the only item in the list, and enter 2 as its value (instead of the 0 it displays).
  6. Close the Config Editor with the [x], and close the Preferences with [OK].
  7. This should fix the problem. Thunderbird will still display attachments like picture inline when mail.content_disposition_type is set to 2. Change it to 1 if you prefer pictures also to be sent as attachments.

I tried testing this, and by golly, it works!


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