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Alumni access to RefWorks

Hi all,

The question of whether alums have access to RefWorks after they graduate has come up several times lately, and the official word from Jan Fransen is that yes, they do have access after graduation.

After graduating, people can access their RefWorks account by going to www.refworks.com and choosing the Login option (currently on the left side of page under their big banner). If it doesn't default to it, they'll need to choose the "remote access" tab on the next screen (note: if you click the RefWorks login while you're on campus, it will direct you to the U's RW login screen, so you won't see what people off campus see unless you click the "login using your group code" link), and enter the U of M group code.

The group code is password protected on our page, so it's okay to give it out to alums if they don't have it and ask for it by phone or email.

I think that's all you need to know about alumni access - let me know if you have any questions.


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