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BioMedLib "Top Ten" Articles

I've taken two questions in the past few weeks along the lines of, "I would like to know how Biomedlib selected the top ten articles 'in my domain.' With what requirements?"

When I received the original question, my mind boggled. BX Recommender? Affinity string recommendations? PubMed's related citations? What the heck was this person talking about?

It turns out the answer was: none of these things. Instead they were referring to a current contents service provided by a commercial search engine called BioMedLib. We're receiving their questions because our site is the first result when you Google "biomedlib." Although the website purports to use their own algorithm, it looks as though the searches and updates rely heavily on PubMed. If you follow the link above, you can see an example of the "top ten" list mentioned.

If you catch a question similar to the one above and the patron is not affiliated, the odds are that they're referring to this search engine/service.



Hello Emily

I am Mir, and with BioMedLib
I apologize for the confusion.
As you very well pointed, the method we use to create the “Top Ten” is explained in the blog post

And I will be glad to answer any further questions you, your colleagues, or patrons might have. I check the emails sent to custserv@bmlsearch.com more often.


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