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November 19, 2010

Workaround for SciFinder site.prf download problems for GopherMail users

Passing this along from the Science Librarians' list...

Hi everyone,

We have had several instances (at least) of people contacting us saying they had not received the site.prf attached when they contact CAS to get the file (which each person needs to do individually, unfortunately). CAS sends the file as a .txt and asks that people save it and then change the file type to .prf (PICS Rules File). Tony and I realized when we were helping someone recently that automatically opens .txt files and displays their content in another tab, and we could not figure out a way in GopherMail to just save the .txt attachment.* I have 2 options for dealing with this so far:

1) Suggest they set up an account to use the web version rather than trying to use the client (which will stop working 6/30/11 anyway).
2) Have the user forward the message to your reference desk (or me) and save the file there and change the extension to .prf and send it back to them.
Corollary to 2) Suggest they start using Gmail instead of GopherMail.

*I called 1-HELP to see if they knew of ways to just save the .txt file from GopherMail, and they didn't have a solution. If you have other ideas or knowledge, please let me know!


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November 16, 2010

Biomedical Device Assignment

Hi folks,

I've heard rumors that the annual biomedical device assignment is on!

Martha wrote an extensive post about it a while back that is still very helpful.

Please post to the blog if you have anything to add.


November 11, 2010

Natural Standard Interface Updated

Hi all,

The Natural Standard interface has been updated - I think it's a big improvement in functionality. Check it out! Also, with the upgrade, all users now have access to the accredited CE modules on the site.


November 4, 2010

Recent display problems with main Libraries web site tabs

Everyone should have gotten this message from Shane about recent problems with the tabs on the main Libraries site by email, but I'm posting it for future reference....

Hello everyone--

As many of you have noticed, for the past couple of weeks the main website (www.lib.umn.edu) has been experiencing some technical difficulties with the display of the tabs on the home page (what web development folk call "tabulous"). While we think we have the biggest problems fixed there are still some issues we are trying to correct. And what we have found is that even the simplest change in the javascript file that controls tabulous can cause the tabs to behave strangely from browser to browser.

That is why I'm writing to you this morning. This morning we made another change to the javascript file that corrects some very troublesome behavior in Chrome and Safari browsers. However, as we've seen before, with that change there could be some problems.

If you see any problems yourself there are a couple of things you should do. First of all, try to reload your browser window. Many times when a change is made with CSS or Javascript, a browser's cache is still using the old versions of those files causing a mismatch with the code the browser is trying to render. This happens on all web sites, not just ours. Also, in some browsers holding down the "Shift" key at the same time you hit the reload/refresh button will force the browser to grab new versions of all the files a page is trying to load (css, javascript, images, html, etc.). For most issues with our site this should fix the problem and you shouldn't have to do it again (until we change the css or javascript again which is hopefully a rare occurence).

If you still see a problem with the page by all means let us know. This can be done by sending in a problem report to autosys@umn.edu, or contacting me directly. In fact, the sooner the better in most cases. We really need to see the problem while it is happening so don't wait! Report the problem you saw, the time you saw it, and the browser/version/platform you are using.

I sincerely apologize for the problems that have come up, especially with the disappearing tabs. Folks in Web Development spent last weekend monitoring the web site very closely and we think we have implemented some fixes that hopefully have corrected the problem. Thanks to all of you that reported the problems you saw and thanks for all of your patience. We are very sorry for these problems and we are desperate to see them resolved.

Again, if you see any more problems please don't hesitate to let us know!


November 3, 2010

Masonic Cancer Center website and clinical trials information

Hi all,

At this week's Mini Med School, one of the speakers was from the Masonic Cancer Center here at the U. He talked a lot about clinical trials going on at the U, and mentioned the Cancer Center's website. It has a page with cancer clinical trials being done here (http://cancer.umn.edu/cancerinfo/trials.html) - it might be a nice resource to know about if you get questions about local cancer trials at the desk.

Theoretically, all this information should be in clinicaltrials.gov, but it's nice to have an easily scannable list of what's going on here. There's also a a lot of cancer information on the site, and they have a Cancer Information Line people can call with questions about clinical trials or referrals to specialists. Check it out!


WIley articles not linking from PubMed

I found some information on the SFX listserv regarding the problem with the WILEY parser resulting from Wiley changing their searching structures. If anyone gets a report of a Wiley article not linking from PubMed, please keep this in mind. Hopefully, a fix will be implemented with the next SFX update.
Changing the Wiley parser to cut out the article title information should work.
For example
• This doesn't work:
• This does:
• string that is removed from the URL:


November 2, 2010

Biomed Central article processing discount

Biomed Central article processing discount

Researchers within the Supporter Member Institution can take advantage of a 15% discount on the Article Processing Charge when publishing in Biomed Central's open access journals.

Membership is verified by IP range, stated affiliation, and the author's email root.

According to our rep.
"We go by the IP range the submitting author comes in on, the submitting author's stated affiliation and that person's email root"

Let me know if you have any questions.
Amy Claussen