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Workaround for SciFinder site.prf download problems for GopherMail users

Passing this along from the Science Librarians' list...

Hi everyone,

We have had several instances (at least) of people contacting us saying they had not received the site.prf attached when they contact CAS to get the file (which each person needs to do individually, unfortunately). CAS sends the file as a .txt and asks that people save it and then change the file type to .prf (PICS Rules File). Tony and I realized when we were helping someone recently that automatically opens .txt files and displays their content in another tab, and we could not figure out a way in GopherMail to just save the .txt attachment.* I have 2 options for dealing with this so far:

1) Suggest they set up an account to use the web version rather than trying to use the client (which will stop working 6/30/11 anyway).
2) Have the user forward the message to your reference desk (or me) and save the file there and change the extension to .prf and send it back to them.
Corollary to 2) Suggest they start using Gmail instead of GopherMail.

*I called 1-HELP to see if they knew of ways to just save the .txt file from GopherMail, and they didn't have a solution. If you have other ideas or knowledge, please let me know!


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