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Unregistered graduate student remiders

Hi all,

Just a refresher on what to do if you encounter a student who is trying to access online resources and is denied for not being a U of M affiliate. This would probably most frequently happen with public health students, but there may be other examples.

First, check their library "flags." I know that myself, Del, Jim, Emily and probably some more folks can do this. The "flags" show up in the University's Accounts Database and it is here that we can tell if someone is a currently registered student.

If a student is not currently registered and they are still working on their master's project or dissertation and need access to library resources then there are 2 options for this.

1. If they register through the Grad School (SPH does this), then they have to register for the GRAD 999 option via OneStop

2. If they register through their schools, or they can't use the 999 option, then there is a form through Borrowing Services that they can fill out:


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