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Data Services Available at the U of MN

The services listed below are primarily designed to assist researchers in managing and analyzing data generated by their own research but also provide additional data services, in some cases for a fee.


AHC researchers should contact the Bio-Statistical Design and Analysis Center.

Bio-Statistical Design and Analysis Center (http://www.ctsi.umn.edu/research/ctrs/biostatistics/bdac.shtml)
School of Public Health (available to researchers in the AHC)

"The Biostatistical Design and Analysis Center (BDAC) provides statistical and data management support from study design to final analysis and publication of results."


In addition to above, College of Veterinary Medicine researchers may also be able to use the Statistical Consulting Service in the School of Statistics. Researchers elsewhere at the University may obtain consulting if time is available through the Statisical Consulting Clinic.

Statistical Consulting Service (http://www.stat.umn.edu/consulting/index.html)
Statistical Consulting Clinic (http://www.stat.umn.edu/consulting/clinic.html)
School of Statistics

"The Statistical Consulting Service of the School of Statistics provides statistical help to improve research at the University of Minnesota. We help design experiments and surveys, select and perform appropriate analyses, interpret results, and assist in writing grant proposals, journal articles, student theses, and other published papers."

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