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Problem w/Using Find It to import cites from GS to RefWorks

Hi all,

Yesterday I helped a patron who had been exclusively using Google Scholar to find citations for her research. She was using the Find It link within Google Scholar to bring citations into her RW account.

She didn't notice it at the time, but apparently using the 'Export to RefWorks' link within Find It from GS only brought the first author name into her RW account.

I tested this and had the same experience. I then tested importing from GS using the preferences method (this puts the 'Import to RefWorks' link at the bottom of the citation and snippet). This method does bring in all author names.

I tested using Find It again, this time in PubMed and did get all the author names. So this may be limited to using the Find It menu within Google Scholar to bring in references.

Personally, I've never been a fan of using Find It to import into RW, especially when you are in a database. It doesn't make too much sense to me to import one at a time, when you can batch send, but since GS doesn't give you an option to batch send you are stuck using Find It or setting the preferences option.

I've opened a help ticket on this so I'll write back and let you all know what I hear, but in the interim just keep this one in mind. I'd be interested to hear if anyone here actually teaches the Find It menu as a way to send items to RW.



Linking from the Find It window from an EBSCO database results in a similar problem, but no authors are exported whatsoever. I definitely encourage our users to avoid this type of exporting whenever possible.

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