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Taylor & Francis platform


Taylor and Francis moved their content to a new platform. You may notice that
article level linking is no longer functioning. Ex Libris (Find it) is aware of
the problem and have announced that article level linking will be restored
with the July update.


Email from Ex Libris :

Dear SFX Customers,

We are working closely with Taylor and Francis towards a resolution of the linking problem to their new platform.

We were assured that the redirection is in place. We noticed that the redirection is up-to issue level only and reported to T&F as well.

The new linking syntax to the new platform is in the final stages of Quality Assurance and will be released as part of our SFX4 second July package...

T&F assured us that the content is not to be changed; therefore there is no need for a new set of targets. The plan is to rename the existing targets and replace the parser and linking parameters. In addition, T&F reported that the DOI linking problem was fixed on their side....
Best regards, Ron Lozinsky Support Manager

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