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August 4, 2011

Web Version of SciFinder Still Requires Use of VPN

Hi everyone,

I realized last week that many of you might not be aware that the web version of SciFinder, which requires users to create an account, still requires them to be within a campus IP range for access. If someone is off campus, they will still need to log in to VPN .

On a related note, accounts created at other schools will not work within our IP range; new users must create a University of Minnesota account. This is especially relevant since we are about to get a lot of new grad students who probably set up SciFinder accounts at their former institutions. I will convey this to new Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Materials Science students, but many other scientists and engineers use it so I wanted other liaisons and reference desks to be aware of this. I will make note of this in the LibData record for SciFinder, but few people read that information.

Let me know if you have questions!

Meghan Lafferty

August 2, 2011

Ovid search display problems resolved! Yahooooo!

Hi all,

It appears that the display problems with the Ovid interface that have been plaguing certain off-campus users for the last few months are now resolved, thanks to Shane's work with OIT. It's displaying and functioning properly for all of the people who had reported problems in all browsers. So, for now, it seems like that problem is solved.

If you get any calls similar to this, have people try clearing their browser cache to see if it works. Let me know if any other weird things pop up.

I'm not completely sure about the Ovid PDF display problems - Shane thought this should solve that too, but my users who have this problem haven't been as responsive so it's hard to test. I'm hoping everything is hunky dory now, though.


August 1, 2011

STAT!Ref Online Medical Database-NEW User Interface


GET READY - STAT!Ref is releasing a NEW User Interface (UI)!

On August 1, 2011, our new version of STAT!Ref Online will be released. Our new site has been optimized for navigating all the healthcare e-resources STAT!Ref has to offer. In the meantime, current subscribers will have the ability to preview the new UI from a link offered on the current STAT!Ref homepage.

This is just one of the many innovative steps that STAT!Ref is taking to ensure that students, professors, healthcare professionals and librarians, thrive in today’s ever-changing technological environment.

The new UI is still the same STAT!Ref - but you will find that it not only has a more state of the art modern look, but is more intuitive and navigable and allows you to find and utilize your resources quickly. The new UI will offer more customization such as “last viewed” and more robust customization features. Users can now view virtual “book covers” on a bookshelf, and save books as “favorites”, etc. Enhanced access to citation services, medical calculators and dictionaries also exists with our new UI.


We are here to assist you with getting the word out to your students/doctors/nurses/faculty or any other end-users. We will have a tutorial available shortly and now have an electronic quick guide available HERE. Please feel free to contact us directly at 800-901-5494, or contact your Account or Territory Manager for more

Update on Ovid display problems

HI everyone - here's the latest update with the ongoing saga of a small subset of people experiencing consistent problems with the Ovid search display when connecting from off campus. Shane has been working on this maddening problem by tweaking proxy settings, and may have made some headway. After the latest tweak, our test user can now see Ovid correctly in IE. It still doesn't work correctly in Firefox or Chrome, but this is the first time we have a (possible) workaround to offer people.

Since this isn't a problem we can replicate on any of our computers, we're relying on the users with the problems to test for us (which is why this is taking sooooo loooooong). I sent out an email to the list of users I knew of with problems asking them to test it in their different browsers and let me know what's happening, but I haven't heard back from any yet. So, I have no idea if this is a real fix, but if you get the question, have the user try it in IE.

Also, please grab their name and email address and send it to me so I can add it to the list of people with known problems. If you're in a conversation with them and can do so, find out the other browsers/versions they're using and if Ovid works in those. Otherwise, I'll email them afterward and get that info.

This problem is still flummoxing our IT folks, but if we have a workaround (IE) and we can gather browser data, then that's definite progress.

Let me know if you have questions. Thanks!