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October 24, 2011

cochrane library -off campus- from pubmed

Off campus patrons are having problems when trying to access Cochrane Library full text, via the find it link in PubMed. If you get a call about this at the reference desk please send me an email with the details. Ask if they are getting a log in screen from Cochrane.

Off campus users should be able to access Cochrane by going through the A to Z list or the catalog. If they cannot access full text using these options, please send me an email with the error message they are receiving.

Thanks, Amy Claussen akla0002@umn.edu

October 13, 2011

Questions from PubH 6050 students

Hi all,

This week I've been helping a handful of students enrolled in PubH 6050 (Community Health Theory and Practice) find literature on public health topics that have either intrapersonal (e.g. personal attitudes, knowledge, beliefs, self-efficacy, perceptions) or an interpersonal (e.g. relationship level -- family, peers, friends) determinant of a target behavior. These students need to find 5 studies, 3 of which must be evaluations of health promotion interventions.

The students in this class were given no guidance by the instructors on how to do this, so you may hear from them via phone/email/chat/or in person. Please feel free to direct them to me.

Their next assignment also has a literature focus where they have to find 5 articles that look at a determinant from a "outer" socioecological perspective, such as a from an organizational, community, or policy level.


October 7, 2011

FEBS letter and illegible pdfs


FEBS letter online content (via Elsevier ScienceDirect) have pdfs that are illegible with Adobe Reader. It seems to be limited to the year 1997.
However, using another pdf reader such as FoxIt Reader, the pdf’s load normally. Science Direct has been notified of the compatibility issues with Adobe Reader. It may take “several weeks” to correct.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, Amy

October 6, 2011

Public Workstation Access Cards for Groups

Hi all,

I've created 25 Public Workstation Access cards for unregistered classroom use. You are welcome to let me know if you need to use them in cases where registering large groups of library visitors might be impractical (i.e. visiting high school classes, library orientations for other unaffiliated groups). We will need an individual from the group to take responsibility for the appropriate use of library workstations by our guests, and I will need to be provided with this person's name, institution and contact information. I will also need to know far enough in advance to have time to update the cards' expiration dates.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to make use of these cards in the future!