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RefWorks/WNC Troubleshooting steps

Hi all -

I tried to help a patron this week who was having trouble getting WNC to open properly. Instead of opening to the regular WNC window, it opened to the RefWorks login page. She was able to resolve the problem with the help of RefWorks Support, but I thought I'd post their troubleshooting steps here, in case they come in handy in the future. (She did not know which of these steps ultimately resolved her problem, unfortunately.)


WNC Proxy Configuration Utility is incorrect

Click on Start > All Programs > RefWorks > WNC Proxy Configuration Utility. Please remove the information listed in the URL bar and click OK. Then open Write N Cite and access your account.

Security or anti-virus software

If there is any security or anti-virus software on the computer it would be helpful to know what it is and its version. Because firewalls not only help manage online work, it is important to note that they can block programs (in this case MS Word and MS Internet Explorer - WNC opens in Internet Explorer) from working together. The Windows Firewall will need to have WNC III listed as a permitted exception allowing our plug-in to communicate with those programs and online resources required.

Add exception to Internet Explorer (software used to open WNC)

Add *.refworks.com to the list of trusted site in Internet Explorer.

Roaming profile/limited installation of WNC

Another scenario we have seen that causes WNC III to fail is when the user is working out of a roaming profile or from a limited installation of WNC III on the computer to just the Admin account. It has been shown that creating another profile on the computer and installing WNC III again for all users is a possible solution worth considering. Anytime WNC III is installed the user is given the opportunity to install for all users on the machine and doing this has a much higher rate of success than installing for the single user.

Kaspersky internet security or Rapport security/banking software

Finally we should cover the possible presence of Kaspersky internet security or Rapport security/banking software. In the case you have Kaspersky it will be necessary to disable it if you intend to use WNC III. If you have Rapport it may be necessary to update that software or install it with the default settings. We are aware of an on-going discussion with the people behind both Kaspersky and Rapport to determine if this is the only case in which it will work with Write-N-Cite or if there is something else that can be done to consider the two being installed on the same computer.

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