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June 21, 2012

Write-N-Cite - new version available

RefWorks has released a new version. People who have downloaded this new version will see a Refworks tab in Word instead of the write-n-cite add-on. I emailed RefWorks for more information and they replied that support documentation would be updated “soon”

Announcement from the RefWorks Blog: Write-N-Cite - new version available RefWorks have released a new and improved version of Write-N-Cite, the tool for integrating RefWorks with MS Word:

• The tool is built into Word and will no longer be displayed as a separate webpage

• Auto formatting while you write; changing citation styles has never been easier.

• Auto managed footnote and formatting styles; the software handles all footnotes and knows what’s right for each style

• Full support for Mac, Windows, or across platforms

• Seamless online/offline access to your references

• Professional citation and bibliography customization tools

• The same great RefWorks technical support and customer service

The new version is ready for download within RefWorks by logging in and going to the Tools > Write N Cite menu item.


June 12, 2012

UW Canceling RefWorks

Some of you may have already heard this, but I found out yesterday via Facebook that UW-Madison is canceling their RefWorks subscription in June 2013. I emailed their reference service and asked why and heard back that it was a cost issue and that there are other tools like Mendeley and Zotero that their users prefer.


Bug Found in Annals of Internal Medicine Platform Launch


Please read notice from the publisher~

Annals of Internal Medicine will launch on the Silverchair SCM6 platform this morning, June 12th, tentatively at 9:30 AM ET, and we need to bring a program bug to your attention and remind you of some important administrative issues. When a user closes the PDF version of an article after viewing it, saving it, or printing it, a box will appear asking them to buy the article. Please tell your users that they can ignore that box, the PDF will still be accessible and can be saved or printed out. Silverchair is working to fix this bug before June 19th.

If you see any other bugs in the program or encounter any errors, please contact Technical Support at annalshelp@romnet.com or call 877.304.3224 (7AM to 1AM ET Mon-Fri, 8AM to 8PM ET Sat-Sun). ~

You can also let me know if you have any access problems. Thanks, Amy Claussen bmsers@umn.edu