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October 22, 2012

Talking Points for Questions about UpToDate

If patrons call asking for information about accessing UpToDate here are some things you can tell them:
1) There is no remote access for UpToDate.
2) The only place that you can be guaranteed access is in the Bio-Medical Library.
3) Access within the Academic Health Center (AHC) is inconsistent. Access is determined by IP addresses and we do not have a list of static IP ranges for the AHC, the dynamic IP ranges that we do have include buildings outside of the "designated sites" permitted in our license agreement.There are comparable products such as Dynamed and Access Medicine that are available remotely. The link to Dynamed is located just below the link to UpToDate in the Quick Links box on our webpage. The link to Access Medicine is located under 'A' in the alphabetic list of Other Health-related Indexes.
4) If patrons want to know why we don't have remote Access to UpToDate, explain that UpToDate has extremely restrictive licensing conditions and is very expensive. We currently pay around 12,000 dollars a year for UpToDate, if we were to get remote access for all potential users the price would jump to around 250,000 dollars a year, which is obviously cost prohibitive.
5) If the patron is still unhappy after you have relayed this information to them and wishes to speak to someone else, you can refer the patron to Nicole Theis-Mahon but only after you have relayed the information discussed above to them.