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Conducting Soprano Line

I enjoyed the format of conducting on Friday. I have not had conducting in about 5 years, so I was initially intimidated by this class. I really enjoyed Andrew's help with my section. He was excellent at both encouraging us to comment on our peers and sharing very insightful tips and observations. I also feel like class members really do want to help each other become better conductors. What a wonderful learning environment!

As far as my conducting went, I think it went as well as it can right now. I am considering Friday a baseline for my improvement. My biggest challenges right now are encouraging an easy breath and preparation for singing and also harnessing my energy. When I get in front of a crowd, I have this desire to please people and make them excited about life. As a conductor, I want to make them excited about music. I am going to try to pull in this energy a little so that people are easily welcomed into my conducting/teaching without feeling overpowered by my energy. This way, I will be able to use this energy more strategically.

Now about the blog...I would love to read other people's entire comments, but I can only read a compact version. (The first few sentences.) If someone thinks of this and I forget to mention it, could you please tell me how I can read other's comments. They seem very interesting.




Sounds like you had a good first experience. You do have incredible energy and you are doing an excellent job at conveying that in your conducting. I think the challenge you posed to yourself is a very good one in that you don't want to overwhelm the choir with your energy.

Each conductor has music that may be more germane to their style. When we get to a more extoverted musical line, you will undoubtedly find that easier than this more subdued style. This is totally fine, and you have perceived that you need to be aware of this. God job!

In terms of viewing the blog, if you click on the "View Blog" box in the lower left corner of the home screen, you should see the entire blog. Let me know if this works

Amy, your observations are astute, though I would quibble with the idea of "pulling in" your energy. All we're hoping to do is give you ways to communicate it better, then let your enthusiasm have free reign.