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Friday, September 21

I had a very positive experience conducting on Friday. One thing that is very helpful is the support of the class. I felt very supported in going in front of my group and making mistakes. I felt that all comments (to everyone including me) were delivered with a real spirit of camaraderie.

One interesting observation that I keep having is the difference between how I perceive myself and how I'm being perceived. The way I was conducting felt very different internally than how my classmates were reacting to it. For example, I felt that my conducting pattern was fairly contained in a small space. However, I realized after it was pointed out that I can use a much smaller space very effectively, and achieve better results. The larger pattern was causing me to have to conduct more quickly, and hence I would tend to slow down on the 3rd beat. This seemed to be something that the class shared.

Additionally, my first instinct in front of the class was to look at the score and not make eye contact. This was just crutch. I knew the passage fine, but it seemed to comfort me to look at it. I felt initially very exposed to be in front of everyone looking up at me!

I learned some very good strategies for the next time. I need to take a moment to internalize the tempo before beginning, not bounce on the beat (Andrew's point was very good about the framework shifting, making it less effective), continue to make eye contact, keep my elbow tucked in, and lead with my ulna.


Tim, I'm glad to see that you're thinking about many important things. You won't be able to address them at once. Pick a "theme of the day" and focus your attention on that.

You had the disadvantage of trying to incorporate the "drop prep" gesture from our lesson with a very reduced time in the lesson. Let's carve out a few minutes to cover that material before Friday.

I'm been focusing on not looking at the score and keeping my pattern consistent and contained. I found in preparing for tomorrow that it helped to use a couple of big 'ol highlighters to markup the phrases in each voice in a different color. I can easily find my cues.

If you'll be around before class on Friday, I'd like to have you show me the drop prep. I've practiced it some and I think I'm getting the hang of it, but I want to make sure I'm doing it right.