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Soprano Line Mendelssohn 9/21/07

I agree with my classmates that we're lucky to have a very friendly, safe climate to experiment. I appreciate that, despite our wide variety of conducting styles and experience, it's a heck of a lot less intimidating than it could be. The partner and small group work especially helps with that.

Conducting the soprano line of the Mendelssohn was surprisingly tricky. I understand that my goal now is to quit the loud nose snortin' and begin to take mouth breaths. I guess the tough aspect of that is that, as a singer, I have been taught to breathe a certain way; I think the sniffling was my subconscious way of wearing a different hat. There's no reason, though, that as a conductor, I can't model the same sort of ribcage-expanding breaths that I would use as a singer. I think it's just a matter of practice and habituating myself to the idea.

I also plan to work on having a lower, stable center of gravity, and ingraining the beat pattern to be second nature. I think my right hand was actually doing okay at delineating beats, but I didn't trust it! I realize more and more that a huge part of conducting and performance generally is confidence. As Tim mentioned in class, you've got to just fake it until you get it.


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Hanna, if you can really master the breathing, you will be in good stead to do many things with a choir. But realize that your impulse to demonstrate is a good one and that refining it will take lots of experience on the podium.

Faking is a big part of conducting, and I mean that in a good way. As the leader of the group you need to remain positive, which you may not always feel; you need to bring energy to the music when you may not always have it. Pushing your way through the beginning of conducting study is largely faking, as you learn the real skills you need to succeed. What an interesting observations by Tim.

I also agree with Andrew's comment that mastery takes a long time, and maybe may not even be possible. As conductors we want to be proficient in all aspects of conducting, not necessarilt perfect!

In performing, you really need to have confidence to be able to show your best. Your communication skills will help you in improving your confidence because with this skill, you'll know how to communicate to the audience your message in so many ways.

Communication comes in different forms. Could be in words, actions, or art. In performing, you communicate to the audience and it really needs confidence because you do it in front of them that's why you need to develop your communication skills.

Just be positive about your goals and you'll be on your way to success. It's nice to have an assessment of yourself so that you'll know what else to improve to succeed on your goals.

By believing in yourself and by being positive, you will have more determination and will to achieve your goals. So keep believing. :)