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Well, no matter what I do, I cannot get last weeks conducting video to work. So, hopefully this one can sum up both weeks. I did much better this week than last week in keeping my conducting pattern. Although I took the musicality out of my had and arm waving, it seemed to go to my legs. I could not believe how different, and better I looked when I was grounded. It was something I had been told before, but I never realized it until I saw it first hand.
One thing I have yet to fix is my "little man" complex. For those of you who do not see me every week, this is complex is me holding my hands too high in order to look bigger. I looked so much more comfortable when I dropped my hands down a bit. It also helped keep my plane in place as Matt said it would. I will not lie. I looked like a punk kid getting by to get a grade before I temporarily fixed these things. It is unbelievable how much of a difference it made. I sat at my computer laughing to myself about how I looked. It is pretty goofy. I am glad that I finally made those connections. It feels better and looks better from the choir or onlookers point of view.
I feel like this song could use some percussion. In my head I can hear a drum section going, "1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2". I blame this thought on my angular beat pattern. Even in the slower section where we want a legato motion, I feel the micro beat. Getting away from that and using the egg really made me feel the macro beat. It was much easier to keep a fluid motion. (This percussion also had a little to do with keeping the beat in my legs)
This week something clicked. Whatever it was definitely helped. now if I could only figure out how to actually do something effective with my left hand...



When something clicks, go with it; ride that wave for a little while as it may clarify other problems also.

Have you tried any exercises for left hand alone?