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Cantate Domino

I had no idea that I looked like what I look like when I conduct fast pieces. I started laughing because my gestures are so big and overdone. I need to keep my conducting window appropriate for my size and the size of the group I am conducting. In a way, I think I am giving my choir too much and not making them meet me halfway. My conducting style on this piece might be overwhelming to some singers. The "v" idea really helped because it gave my pattern more consistency and kept the window smaller. It's great to see what I actually conduct like because I don't conduct quite that way when it's just me and the mirror (instant feedback.) I do still want to keep some of my enthusiasm -- I just want to polish it and tone it down.



Sometimes conducting is a paradox. Big and fast pieces often necessitate a small compact gesture in order to be most clear. You bring so much energy to your conducting, so now we need to channel that energy so you can communicate most cleary to the choir. Using the video will be very helpful to you!